GAME TITLE: Ascendancy

ROLE: Project Manager (plus various other roles)

TIME ON PROJECT: January 2009 - June 2009

SCHOOL: Vancouver Film School

Ascendancy is a third person platformer for the PC, made using the Unreal 3 engine. It was created by a group of four students as the culmination of the Game Design program at the Vancouver Film School.

A large industry project, it was created over six months with the game concept moving through pre-production (two months), production (twelve weeks), and finaling (two weeks) before being presented to individuals from the game industry. The game later went on to be a finalist in the Make Something Unreal Contest in 2009.

I filled several different roles during my time on the project. Primarily I was our Project Manager, which involved not only working and managing our group, but organizing and developing working relationships with our collaborators (SFX, 3D art, and voice talent). I also took ownership of all of our documentation, story and dialog, 2D art, cinematics, and music.


- Performed project manager duties for the group, including scrums and project tracking

- Managed working relationships with collaborators for SFX, 3D art, and voice talent

- Wrote all documentation, story/narrative details, and in-game dialog

- Developed a 2D art style and implemented it within the game

- Created and managed cinematics and music composition










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