GAME TITLE: Dead Rising 3

ROLE: Technical Mission Designer

TIME ON PROJECT: February 2011 - July 2012

STUDIO: Capcom Vancouver

During my time on this project, my main responsabilities were focused on the design and development of the game's side missions. This involved taking the missions through from paper designs to final implementation. Included in this was the creation and development of the game's side mission cast of characters. My secondary duties included providing additional support for all parts of mainline missions, as well as support for our boss and NPC teams.

I was also the primary contact among the mission team for support regarding dialog scripting and animation setup, as well as several other side systems throughout the game. In addition to creating dialog trees for all of our side mission cast, I wrote all of the temporary side mission related dialog before it went to our writer for a final pass.

Praised for my organizational skills, my additional responsabilities included creating and maintaining a good portion of the documentation for our side mission designs, as well as all the details for our side mission cast of characters.


- Created, implemented, and maintained more than half the total side mission content in the game

- Secondary support for all other mission content, including mainline missions

- Primary contact for dialog scripting and animation support from other level designers

- Worked with other designers as a group to populate and support the world design

- Created and maintained design documentation regarding side mission content and dialog related materials

- Wrote all temporary dialog for side mission content


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